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All personally interviewed by Michael Neeley,
host of the top-rated podcast, Consciously Speaking.

Why The Conscious Life Summit? And why YOU?

The planet needs you. Humanity needs you. And not just you, but every awakened soul breathing today. For too long we’ve been passengers on a bus being controlled by drowsy-eyed, if not altogether sleeping, drivers.

We need you awake. And not just for 30 minutes or a couple of hours each day – we need you vibrantly, enthusiastically, joyfully, wide-eyed present.

Consider the Conscious Life Summit as your wake-up call, your hot shower, and a steaming cup of your morning brew all combined.

Get ready to show up for your life! 

Michael Neeley - Summit Host

Each session is hosted by Michael Neeley, the creator and host of the popular new podcast, Consciously Speaking. Michael is also a certified Life coach and Dharma teacher, as well as a meditation guide and conscious business mentor. With all of his experience, Michael knows how to bring the most out of each guest to maximize your learning experience.

Waking Up in ALL Areas of Your Life Can Have a Profound Impact on Your Relationships and Your Vitality

The Conscious Life Summit is not for you if:

You’re happy living on Auto-Pilot and don’t mind that time passes by with you hardly noticing.

You’re satisfied with knowing that things could be better – just not for you.

You believe that you don’t deserve a wonderful life, and no one can convince you otherwise.

You’d prefer to keep repeating your same self-sabotaging habits until the perfect job, or perfect partner, or perfect life just falls in your lap.

You don’t believe that you control your destiny, or that you get to choose your path in life.

You’re willing to let life happen “to” you instead of “for” you.

But if you’ve had enough, and you’re ready to wake up...

Stop waiting any longer! Sign up today. 

I’ve lined up some of the world’s most insightful minds on conscious living – experts who not only walk their talk – they teach it! 

When you sign up for The Conscious Life Summit, you will be given access to listen to all of the sessions for FREE for a period of 48 hours from their release date.

Be sure to catch every session or you may miss the one that matters the most!

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The Conscious Life Summit is for you if...

You’re tired of missing out on the best that life has to offer.

You know there’s more to this existence than what meets the eye.

You want to take stewardship of your own life and do what you can for the planet at the same time.

You have a desire to, or you already coach others on their own path to waking up.

You realize the value of bringing loving mindfulness into every moment of your day.

You believe that information leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to wisdom, and wisdom leads to change.

You are ready for a change.

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Think about the alternatives:

Getting stuck repeating the same patterns we inherited from our parents – worry, bad relationships, self-doubt, and more.

The inability to parent our children properly because we never acquired the tools ourselves.

Less than satisfying relationships with our partners because we are caught up in unconscious communication and can’t seem to break free.

Lost income because our hidden beliefs prevent us from breaking through our self-imposed glass ceiling.

We continue to contribute to the demise of our planet by thoughtless waste and careless habits.

The Conscious Life Summit is YOUR Summit...

For expert advice and sage insights on walking the awakened path. This is not a bunch of new-age hype or spiritual “woo-woo”, but practical, proven, day-to-day wisdom on bringing keen awareness to the what, why, and how of the way you show up in the world. 

You’ll be empowered with intuitive vision to recognize your old blind-spots and maybe even discover “what you don’t know you don’t know”.

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Find Solutions to Your Biggest Challenges...

Why do I keep finding myself in bad relationships over and over again?

What stops me from losing weight no matter how much I diet?

Why do I still get sick no matter how good of care I take of myself?

How can I earn more money without having to become a workaholic?

What am I here to do on this planet?

How can I help others when sometimes I can’t even help myself?

we’re here to shed some light on the path

Your Host and Founder of
The Conscious Life Network

Michael Neeley

Michael came from a background in acting, where he first started to study the human condition and why we do the things we do. After a successful career spanning 20+ years, he realized that he was meant for more important things, but wasn’t sure what. Then, in 2008 he started developing his own transformational program, The Art of Forgetting. Soon to be released as a workbook, Michael continues to coach individuals and groups and shares his own wisdom in his podcasts, Consciously Speaking, and the soon to be released Meditate On This and STOKED!

We know you want to be more awake in your life, and let fewer of those precious moments slip by. And we also know how easy it is to get lulled back into auto-pilot – that mindless state of going with the flow without thinking. It’s easy because it’s comfortable. It takes less work and attention. Heck, it doesn’t take any attention at all, really.

But now you can wake up. That’s exactly the reason The Conscious Life Summit was created – to provide you with the tools you need to keep waking up – and stay awake.

Join Michael and these revolutionary conscious thought-leaders so that you can take back the reins and LIVE THE LIFE you were MEANT to live!

Own The Conscious Life Summit 2016 now!




J.J. Flizanes
Empowerment Strategist, Fitness Expert and Author

Dr. Jason Klop
Naturopthic Doctor and Founder and CEO of Dynamic Success Academy

Maria Riboli
Certified Life and Health Coach,
Founder of Spoon of Life

Angie Swartz
Life Purpose and Personal Leadership Advisor

Amy Scott Grant
Master Intuitive Healer, Clairvoyant and Author

Josh Trent
Creator and Host of Wellness Force Radio and Digital Health Expert

Larry Hagner
Best-Selling Author and Founder of The Good Dad Project

Susan Stiffelman
Best-Selling Author and “Parent Coach” for the Huffington Post

Christian Mickelsen
The Coach’s Coach and Abundance Expert

Mary O’Malley
Leader in the Field of Awakening and Sounds True Author

Morgana Rae
Teacher, Speaker and Author of Financial Alchemy

Michael Neeley
Host of Consciously Speaking and Founder of The Conscious Life Network

Michele PW
“Love-Based Copywriting” Expert and Author

Dawson Church, Ph.D
Founder of the National Institute of Integrative Health and Author

Diana Chapman
Co-Founder of The Conscious Leadership Group, Consultant and Author

Heather Gray
Life Coach, Author, and Founder of Soul-Filled Life

Dr. Gabriel Cousens
Internationally Acclaimed Author  and Founder of Tree of Life Center

Caryn Hartglass
Co-Founder of Responsible Eating And Living (REAL)

Ben Saltzman
Enneagram Expert and Transformation Catalyst

Shakti Durga
Guru, Founder and Spiritual Head of Shanti Mission

Roy Biancalana
Relationship Coach and Author

Rob Scott
Master Transformation Coach and Founder of Fundamental Shift

Meghan Neeley
Emerging Entrepreneurs Mentor, Certified Coach and Desire Map Facilitator

Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D
International Workshop Leader and Author

Bez Maxwell
Co-Founder of Smart Powerful Women, Women's Sexuality Expert and Coach

Lion Goodman
CEO of Luminary Leadership Institute and the creator of Clear Your Beliefs